4,563 repetitions of pushing forward - by M

4,563 repetitions of pushing forward - by M

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Amidst chaos, a way to switch into work mode at any moment — 4,563 repetitions of pushing forward.

In any field, experts should have their own set of startup procedures to enter a highly productive state with an efficiency that others can't comprehend.

We are too.


Every morning, starting from the ritual of brewing coffee, whether exhausted or not, the first stop at the office is always the coffee machine.

With half-eyes closed, I take out the filter, pour hot water into the kettle, place a filter paper, and scoop out about one and a half scoops, roughly 15 grams of ground coffee. 

I pre-infuse it, stimulating my neurons in the sensory cortex, commanding the muscle memory in my right hand, and orchestrating the precise amount of water to brew, avoiding overflow the water.

I continue this process until the water level is just right, and I have completed a cup of coffee. 


Brewing a good cup of coffee, even with the most streamlined process, still involves quite a few steps.

It relies on having fixed equipment, visual references for the procedure, and a lot of repetitive muscle memory.

Most importantly, you need good beans; using Root's home-made high-quality beans can often compensate for many human errors in the process.


So, five minutes after entering the office, this cup of coffee, computer setup, ambient lighting, and background noise instantly put you in a prepared state for work, ready to daily tasks.


For 4,563 mornings in a row, it all began with this ritual in HMM.


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