Drawing on Waste Paper: Triggering Inspiration in Multiple Universes

Drawing on Waste Paper: Triggering Inspiration in Multiple Universes

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Drawing on Waste Paper: Triggering Inspiration in Multiple Universes.

 On the work desk, there is always a stack of paper. The paper is in disarray, holding records of every fleeting moment of inspiration.

I don't remember when it started, but I find myself overlapping different images on the same piece of paper. Most of the time, they are rough sketches of concepts that come to mind in the moment.

I use discarded paper, focusing on blank spaces, with a commitment to conservation. Using various colored pens, I sketch on one-sided printed sheets, optimizing limited space for eco-friendly practices.


This method emphasizes saving paper and acting promptly. When ideas come, quickly grabbing a notebook, jotting down thoughts, and capturing them swiftly prevents inspiration from escaping. The aim is speedy recording for later reflection. 

Quickly capturing ideas is crucial for generating product inspiration. Whether sketching form, structure, or composition, the emerging image triggers a rapid mental and visual reaction, often leading to immediate solutions or alternative perspectives.

Good design depends on varied stimuli and understanding problems. Overlapping drawings on these notebook-like sheets allows linear thoughts to collide and resonate across multiple universes, fostering chaotic, unordered, yet organic synergy.

HMM's aesthetic of order emerges from chaos. Reflecting on overlapping images on paper, I've reconsidered; it seems unconventional for a designer, but embracing chaos is essential for birthing vitality.

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