Exploring how visual thinkers write.

Exploring how visual thinkers write.

About Writing - 

"Writing" as a general verb - Exploring how visual thinkers write.

Apart from producing a large volume of text, early pictorial images began with hand-painting on bamboo strips using familiar symbols to capture today's memories.

For a visual artist who thinks in images rather than words, sketching on paper to express their mental images is their way of writing.

In industrial and interior design, writing often means accurately copying physical shapes. In contrast to written words, graphic design in a flat environment is special because it relies on outlines, perspectives, and the clever use of light and shadow to convey a clear message. Our brains are amazing; a touch of light and shadow can make us imagine things in 3D instantly. 

"Write" = Record

The brevity of a thought, shorter than 0.01 milliseconds, is transformed into a medium for communication and transmission when captured with a penstroke.

Visual artists turn rules like breaks and punctuation into light and shadow contrasts. An effective writing tool helps them quickly capture mental images, creating reusable records.

Considering Schmidt's ballpoint pen with its oil-based ink, a high-quality pen refill proves to be an excellent tool for visual artists.


In 2018, I learned that ballpoint pens can be used somewhat like pencils. The ink they use can produce shading and line thickness variations, similar to a pencil, depending on how hard you press. This allows for precise layering in drawings, creating contrasts, depth, and shading. Additionally, ballpoint pens tend to have better archival qualities than pencils for writing and record-keeping.


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