Understanding the world is a superpower - by M

Understanding the world is a superpower - by M

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Understanding the world is a superpower.


When I first started my job as a designer, I didn't understand the clients' demands for larger text, rough compositions, and aggressive synthesis.

Starting with logical arguments and eventually resorting to silent protest and partial abandonment, this is likely an experience all workers have had.

Over the nine years since starting the brand, I've met many people, engaging in unfamiliar discussions and realizing my perspective is just one of many in the world.

Understanding others, thinking in their way, is where communication truly begins.


Good design goes beyond professionals and aesthetics; it considers others' interpretations and covers all aspects.

Similar to enjoying a superb dish or wine, the intricate taste, leaving you speechless, is achieved through a masterful blend of ingredients and seasonings. It seeks to delight every part of your palate.

A perfect experience requires not just peak skill but also the superpower of understanding the world, essential for creativity.

Whenever I see such works, I deeply respect them, whether it's about food or design.


Photo by sake_yamahai

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