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Clip - Set of Two

Clip - Set of Two

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Finding Order in Chaos. Beauty in Both Sides.

Check Clip - Memo Board

HMM Clip is a vital component in desktop organization, bridging the gap between virtual and physical spaces. Its hollow design and frame maintain clarity, securely holding documents with a robust spring for easy visibility. Electroplating gives it a matte black surface, and the slim aluminum frame, despite its light appearance, effectively organizes scattered papers. 

The minimalist design, crafted through continuous exploration, tackles challenges like frame deformation. Mold adjustments, including cutting inner frame lines and using a stronger spring, yield an industrial, minimalist, and geometric look that preserves HMM's essence. It accommodates 40 A4 sheets and, when inverted, grants easy access to menus and cards without blocking the view. Bookmark is another unexpected feature.

Included Set of two - 1 Large & 1 Small
Dimension L 60*17*35mm, S 30*17*35mm
Weight L 25g, S 13g

Made in Taiwan

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