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Space Jar

Space Jar

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Daily storage for small fantasies.

Space Jar is made of double-wall glass, shaped like a space capsule. It replaces the heavy metal seal with a silicone lid, which easily sticks to the jar's mouth, creating a tight seal. The lid's single-wing handle allows for easy hanging on the jar's edge, preventing tabletop contamination.

The lid's concave design and the jar's recessed bottom facilitate easy stacking of various items like coffee beans, pasta, snacks, and more. It holds about half a pound of coffee beans. Available in matte black and clear. The black version is perfect for ingredients requiring protection from direct sunlight.

Space Jar features a large mouth, ideal for pairing with HMM's sustainable Coffee Fiber Scoop. Its lightweight material prevents glass breakage. Each scoop holds about 10 grams of beans. Space Jar glass container and its lid are dishwasher-safe but not suitable for oven or microwave. Clean the lid with dishwashing detergent if it gets dirty.


Material Glass, silicon
Dimension 120*115*130mm
Weight 385g
Capacity Approximately half a pound (230g)

Made in China

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