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Coffee Fiber Scoop

Coffee Fiber Scoop

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The coffee ritual becomes a sustainable cycle.

HMM's 1st Sqoop: A beloved classic coffee scoop, now recreated with a focus on lightness and sustainability — a coffee scoop designed to return to the soil.

Made of coffee grounds, it redefines the pour-over ritual endlessly. Its value isn't in being collectible but in integrating sustainable practices into daily life. Over time, it fades and wears, returning to nature.

The long-handled coffee scoop reflects Japanese aesthetics, evoking the purification ritual before shrine visits, where hands are cleansed with a wooden scoop before prayers. Hand drip coffee is a daily ritual, clearing the mind and transitioning into work mode.

The sustainable coffee scoop complements HMM's Space Jar. Its lightweight material prevents glass breakage and holds about 10 grams of beans. Coffee ground-recycled materials naturally degrade over time. To extend its lifespan, keep the coffee scoop away from direct sunlight. It typically lasts 2-3 years with normal usage.


Material PLA-free coffee ground recycled material
Dimension 260*45*22mm
Weight 28g

Made in Taiwan

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