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Latte Poster

Latte Poster

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Coffee lovers’ daily exercise 

HMM creates for life, and this is a poster of latte brewing SOP, as well as the conclusion of a series of coffee-themed works.

The Latte Brewing S.O.P. poster features tools and utensils as protagonists, and reinterprets the brewing process of a cup of latte in a pictorial way. Fresh coffee beans, through a series of interactions with the tools and utensils, turn into a cup of calming spell that soothes the mind and inspires ideas. This is one reason why HMM is obsessed with designing tools and utensils, as concrete objects have the ability to transform, generating unique meanings through users’ daily use.

For printing of the poster, HMM opts for a kind of paper that is not purely white for greater visual comfort, which also blends in with different environments. Visually, HMM also adds a white color plate to create more layers. The lightly glossy finish presents the oiliness of coffee beans, allowing the static poster to also display interesting diverse perspectives as light changes in a space.

Material Art paper, UV printing
Dimension 600mm*850mm
Weight 62g

Made in Taiwan

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