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Coffee Latte Poster

Coffee Latte Poster

$30.00 USD

Inspired by the daily brews with the café coffee maker at our office, the Coffee Latte Poster was originally an internal orientation greeting to the newbies from the coffee enthusiastic senior designers.

The A1 sized piece vividly depicts how we make our coffee on “Gokanshi”, a human-sense-gratified pattern paper. Mainly printed with black UV curing, highlighted with glossy varnishing and metallic ink, this ordinary daily scene is rather intriguing under different lighting conditions.

Put on the market in early 2012, the Poster was kind of a little prelude to HMM’s growing coffee collection in retrospect. It is still our favorite ornament on the wall as time goes by. If you share the same love for coffee, this is the wall piece you do not want to miss.

600mm × 850mm, Gokanshi, UV curing, Made in Taiwan, Free shipping worldwide.

Coffee Latte Poster Coffee Latte Poster Coffee Latte Poster