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Magnet Cable Cube

Magnet Cable Cube

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Geometric and Pure, Restoring Order with Weight.

The matted black Magnet Cable Cube utilizes geometric aesthetics and gravity to effectively restore order to charging cables and headset cords. The cube is halved into two rhomboids and features a capsule-shaped opening. When placed on tabletop, it can slightly elevate the cables for convenient access. Charging connectors will no longer fall down onto the floor or get lost on the table.

The cube can be easily pushed open with fingertip into two halves, becoming two subtle and stylish rhomboidal magnets. Strong magnets are embedded in the rhomboids for optimal fixture and adhere closely to metal surfaces, making them practical for holding a memo or gathering cables on the side of a desk.

The 45g cube is smaller than 3 centimeters on all sides and fits perfectly in your hand. A magical touch is woven by its metal surface and magnetic power—push and pull with your fingertips, the cube is a most sophisticated stress-relieving object once you hold it in your hand.

The capsule-shaped opening accommodates to cables of different thickness and material and is compatible to laptop charging cables, data transmission cables, and headset cords. The Z-shaped packaging is a continuation of the geometric design concept and uses eco-friendly paper.

Aluminum, Magnet
Dimension 28*28*22mm
Weight 45g
Supporting weight per magnet 300g (Cell phone about 220g)

Made in Taiwan

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