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Mugr & Patio

Mugr & Patio

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Mugr - Where Earth Meets Wood  
A serene landscape where earth meets wood. Mugr is our first product in the HMM Coffee Series. Through 11 artisanal processes, Mugr is smooth to the touch and soft to the lips, easy to stack and easy to clean. Handcrafted by Taiwanese artisans, the body of the Mugr is made with quality Japanese ceramics and coated with our signature glaze to create the unique look and feel of cast iron, while the handle is made with fine walnut to form the easy to hold [r] shape.

Patio - Easy Pour-Over Secret  Beautifully formed into a truncated cone, Patio leads to a quick brew while keeping the water distributed evenly with the ridges. Patio's extended ridges help balance airflow and water speed, preventing beginners' mistake of over-extracting coffee flavors with scalding hot water. Made with the same high-quality Japanese ceramic and glaze as Mugr, Patio is minimal, classic, beginner-friendly, and makes pour-over easy and agreeable. Brewing guide included. Coffee filter 1-2 servings or 2 servings are suggested.

Material  Japanese ceramic, walnut wood.
Note: The wood grains may slightly vary.

SGS certified Comply with US FDA standards

Dimension 127*87*98mm / Ø100*68mm

Weight 290g / 290g

Capacity 12fl. oz / 350ml

Instruction Do not microwave. Do not soak. Hand wash only, cold or lukewarm (up to 60ºC). Polish the handle with cooking oil once in a while.

Made in Taiwan

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