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Gift Pack - Style Writing Set

Gift Pack - Style Writing Set

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A perfect gift with particular aesthetics of writing.

Plummet Ballpoint

HMM Plummet Ballpoint has a low center of mass, and the design is inspired by fishing float, enabling agile maneuver of the ballpoint pen for steady strokes. Made of aluminum alloy, the pen is less than 20g in weight, creating a lissome sensation. The pen features twist mechanism with smooth and sturdy damping structure, and replaceable German-made refill. The design lowers the center of mass to expand the area of grip for enhanced comfort and stability of writing.

Walnut Block

The walnut wood base adds to the ambience whether you are at home or in office. The solid walnut wood with a curvy, refined hole acts as a pen holder, and can accommodate any regular pen models. Every time you pick up a pen or put it back down, it feels like your brilliant inspiration has dripped through a rock, creating a Zen-like desktop landscape.

The well-design inner structure is created specially for the set. All done by eco-friendly paper material.

Gift Pack Included 1 Plummet Ballpoint & 1 Walnut Pen Holder
Aluminum | Walnut wood
Dimension Ø11*116mm | 85*85*32mm
Weight 19g | 178g
Refill SCHMIDT Refill P900M

Made in Taiwan

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